2018-08: Apache Yetus: Precommit

A talk about Apache Yetus’ precommit given to a client who has graciously allowed me to share this with all of you!

2016-05: Apache Yetus: Intro to Precommit for HBase Contributors

A talk about Apache Yetus’ precommit given to the Apache HBase meetup the night before HBaseCon.

2016-05: Apache Yetus: Helping Solve the Last Mile Problem

This is an introduction to Apache Yetus given at ApacheCon North America 2016.

Audio for this talk was recorded for the Apache Feathercast, found here.

2015: Apache Hadoop Shell Rewrite

A submitted talk to Hadoop Summit, but wasn’t accepted.

2014: Let’s Talk Operations

For Hadoop Summit 2013 and 2014, small slide decks to warm up the crowds followed up “Ask Me Anything”-style Q&A. Here is the slide deck for the 2014 version.

2013-11: Apache Hadoop for System Administrators

LISA is one of the premier conferences for systems administration presented by USENIX. Audio and video for this presentation is available at their website here.

2013-05: Hadoop Operations at LinkedIn

This is a timeline of how LinkedIn grew from 20 nodes to 5000 nodes of Apache Hadoop.



2012-12: Hadoop Performance at LinkedIn

Invited talk at Intel about LinkedIn’s Hadoop usage. Some material has been removed due to NDA.

2008-04: Deploying Grid Services

Talk given at Apachecon Europe 2008 about Yahoo!’s Apache Hadoop deployment. This is one of the first talks ever given about operating Apache Hadoop at scale!